FAQ – How to become a perfect gambler

A very warm welcome to the FAQ from MERKURCASINOS, your spot for all your questions and answers around the topic of online casino. Spot für all deine Fragen und Antworten rund um das Thema Online Casino. Especially new gamblers have many questions at the beginning, like:

  • What is a bonus and how can I claime it?
  • What are Freespins?
  • How will i recognize a serious casinos and what happens with my personal data?

Those and many more question we will try to answer in the following and hope, that you will find out something interesting. We have written this FAQ for new gamblers, but it is also to experienced one which get something new!

Why to play in a online casino?
Bonus promotions in online casinos?
Wager requierements in detail
What means slot?
No Deposit – What is that?
How to deposit money in a online casino?
Account verification or: How do I get my bucks?
Pay out rates in online casinos or: What means RTP?

Why to play in a online casino?

If you have to decide the first time to play in an online casino or whether go to a land-based casino or gambling-hall, you have to read the following advantages of online casinos:

  • TIME
    Online casinos didn’t have opening times, play whenever you want.
    Forget chair changing to play your favorite slot – enjoy a huge selection of all slots and games easily on your desktop or mobile device.
    Online slots have a theoretical payout rate above 90% (details to payout rates you’ll find below or here). This quota you can’t find in a land-based casino, because of personnel-, energy- and property costs.
    Get bonus money, freespins or loyalty points – only in online casinos.

Bonus promotions in online casinos?

The most online casinos advertise with deposit bonuses or welcome offers for new players. The amount varies from casino to casino and is in most instances a 100% bonus on the first deposit. Thats means, you’ll get a surcharge of 100% from the casino to your first deposit. Let’s have a look to this example at Sunnyplayer:

  1. Sign up at Sunnyplayer to get a 100% Bonus currently (up to 444€).
  2. Make a deposit of 20€.
  3. Sunnyplayer is given away 100% to your deposit, the amount will credited automatically.
  4. Now you can play with 40€

Usually this bonuses are under wager requirements, that means the deposit and the received bonus must be wagering in the casinos. How often is depending on the chosen casino, at Sunnyplayer for example the deposit and the bonus have to wager 24 times, before a withdraw could take place.


Freespins are free games, so a certain number of free spins on a slot. Many casinos use freespins to familiarize gamblers with the casino and the slots. Especially new players receive after sign up a specified number of freespins on a certain slot machine. The winnings are also under bonus conditions / wager requirements, before a withdraw could initiated.

Wager requierements in detail

Almost all online casinos, subject to limited exceptions, have bonus conditions on freespin winnings and/or deposit bonuses. Before a withdraw of your winnings could take place, a designated amount have to wager in the casino. The conditions vary from casinos to casino, but are usually at 25 times. We clarify this in the following example:

  1. You get in a casino of your choice 20 freespins.
  2. Due this freespins you win overall 20€.
  3. The bonus conditions of the casino are: All freespin winnings have to wager 25 times.
  4. 20€ x 25 = 500€
  5. Now you have to bet 500€ in this casino to fulfill the conditions and to convert the bonus (freespin winnings) into real money.

What means slot?

A slot machine (American English), informally fruit machine (British English), puggy (Scottish English slang),[1] the slots (Canadian and American English), poker machine (or pokies in slang) (Australian English and New Zealand English) or simply slot (American English), is a casino gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed.
from Wikipedia

This explanation is a good entry and we think, everybody knows a slot machine. By pulling the lever, the reels were set in movement with the aim, to get preferably same symbols on a paying line by stopping of the reels. Meanwhile the one-armed bandits were replaced by video-slots, because they can provide more games. Also roulette, poker or black jack are represented at this devices.
So the success of the video slots has ensured, that the most successful games are transcribed to online. Furthermore there are pure online slots, which can’t be found on a land-based machine. Online slots are enjoying ever-growing popularity, because of playing conveniently from the living room sofa.

No Deposit – What is that?

From time to time we like to mention a no deposit bonus or no deposit freespins. This “NO DEPOSIT” means, that your own money isn’t needed and the offer can be claimed without any risk. Only a registration is required. For example at Lapalingo there is a 10€ No Deposit Bonus for all new players. Just sign up at Lapalingo and receive a bonus code via SMS on your mobile device. You can find more no deposit bonuses and freespins at our bonus overview.

How to deposit money in a online casino?

To play with real money and of course to win, it is necessary to pay in some bucks. Because of the many different methods, we summarised the safest and fastest possibilities in the following:

  • Credit cards are the most popular payment instrument in the world. No matter where you’re stuck and just, with your Master Card, Diners Club or Visa Card you can pay almost everywhere. The conducted payments are collected monthly and usually debited from your Bank account.
  • Debit Card (Master Card, Visa, Diners Club)
    Payments with a debit card will be made just like a credit card. The only difference is that the card must be charged before. Again, your deposits are immediately available for play. Withdraws via debit card are not supported.
  • E-WALLET (Skrill, Neteller, Clickandbuy, PayPal)
    Another deposit option provides the so-called E-WALLET provider. There you can set up a virtual account and transfer money via bank transfer or direct. The positive balance in that account can be used, to deposit to the online casino. The largest and best known E-WALLET provider are Skrill as well as NETELLER and are accepted by most of the online casinos. The deposit process is similar to the credit card deposit and the balance is directly available for start playing.
    Withdraws are also immediately available, provided the chosen online casino offers instant payouts. The trend is moving however in this direction. At guts, for example, a withdraw within 2 hours is guaranteed. Conclusion: A Skrill-account is a must-have for every casino online gambler.
  • Bank Transfer (SOFORT, Instant Wire Transfer)
    The bank transfer is the oldest method of payment at all. We use them for pay our electricity and phone bills and to transfer money from one bank account to another. The big drawback to Bank Transfer is the speed: It may takes up to three days, until the money reaches the online casino. A more recent method is SOFORT transfer. It is deducted directly from your bank account and the deposit can be used to play immediately.
  • Prepaid Card (Paysafecard, UKash)
    Last but not least there are the prepaid cards. The most widespread are the Paysafecards as well as the UKash cards. You can acquire these cards for cash at gas stations or supermarkets. On this cards, there are a 12-digit PIN printed, which is requested during the deposit process. A division of the amount is quite possible. You be able to do several deposits each 10€ with a 50€ Paysafecard, for example. Unfortunately a withdraw via Paysafecard isn’t possible.

Account verification or: How do I get my bucks?

Before you can withdraw some money from an online casino, you have to validate your person details. Usually the casino ask for the following documents:

  • copy of passport or driver license to validate your personal data
  • copy of an actual bill (e.g. electricity or phone bill) to validate your adress data
  • copy of your credit card or bank statement to validate your payment data

The validate process varies from casino to casino, but usually it is a question of few hours. After your sucessful validation, you be able to withdraw your bucks.

Pay out rates in online casinos or: What means RTP?

The RTP term is our last point in this tiny article but he is also very important. The RTP indicates the theoretical payout rate of each game. Where land based casinos have an average RTP between 60% and 70%, have online casinos a RTP far above 90%. To better understand why this is the case and which payout rate did your favorite slot have, we summarized in an extra guide here.

If you have more questions or have some feedback to this little FAQ or about MERKURCASINOS, we would be happy about your e-mail: info[at]merkurcasinos.com