tips and tricks

The most important thing first: There are no cheats or hints to trick out the slotmachines at the online casinos. Other websites which claim this and offer some books or apps should avoid in the future. It is and shall remain a game of pure luck. Sometimes there are some bugs in gambling halls. We don’t recommend to exploit this errors because it can be considered as fraud.

But we have 5 ultimate hints to improve your gameplay:


    Choose the right slot: Don’t play a slotmachine, which promise the highest win. Rather play this slot, where you have the most fun. Only then you have the patience you need to win.


    Acquaint yourself with the rules of each slot. Especially when you test many new, differing slots. Many slot looks alike, but without checking the rules and paytables you can loose a lot of money, for example with the wrong exploiting at bonus rounds or freespin-features.


    Get experience by playing with some “demo coins”. Every Merkur online casino offer the possibility to play for fun. So you can extensively test all Merkur slots and choose your favorite game. At following Merkur casinos you can play for free without registration:

    [sc:gtplatin] [sc:gtsunmaker] [sc:gtsunnyplayer] [sc:gtstake7]
  4. WAGER

    To choose the right wager is the high art of gambling. We can`t say, which bet at which slot is the best. That you have to find out for yourself. Our experience is: Lower wager lets you play longer and increase the chance of bonus games.

  5. LIMIT

    Perhaps the simplest although important golden rule: SET A LIMIT TO YOURSELF! Before you start to play, decide for yourself, how much money you want to use or how much time you want to spend. If you reached one or both limits, then stop playing.

We hope, that you can improve your game performance with these instructions and wish you good luck.